Top Tourist Place in China

10 Amazing Top Tourist Place in china

China is a territory providing much to explore and visit. There are many places in china worth visiting and each destination is beautiful. The southwest has high dominating plateaus to the northwest has splendid desert and gobi, while there is Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang has vast grasslands. Based on knowledge, local expertise, and experience, there is top tourist places in china.

#1 Beijing – Top Tourist Place In China The cultural center and Capital of China

Beijing, China’s capital served as the capital for over 800 years. It houses plenty of historical sites and preserves ancient architectural complex, the Temple of heaven, Forbidden City, the Summer Palace- the magnificent garden retreat of emperors, the majestic and stately mausoleums of Dynasty emperors, and the inspiring Great Wall.

Top Tourist Place in China Capital of China by Luxizeng

#2 Shanghai – The Riverside Cityscape fame

Shanghai is the largest seaports in the world and is also the commercial and industrial center. Shanghai is playing a boosting role in China. Meanwhile, the city attracts more tourists from China with its unique charm. Shanghai has more cultural relics and historical sites that interpret shanghai regional culture characteristics. Shanghai has tourists in thousands and offers various foreign foods and famous Chinese cuisines.

Top Tourist Place in China Shangai Riverside Cityscape Fame

Top Tourist Place in China the Riverside Cityscape Shangai

#3 Hangzhou – Beautiful city with West Lake

Hangzhou is the beautiful and holy paradise on earth. It is the hottest tourist destination that is on the Chinese land. Hangzhou is Zhejiang Provinces cultural, administrative, and economic city. It is located on the East China Sea Haogzhou Bay south bank. Hangzhou from Shanghai is 180 km and is an important central city. Hangzhou enjoys the reputation of being in southeast as the first prefecture. The local-made special products are Xihu silk umbrellas, silk, color-glazed porcelain, white chrysanthemum, and longjing tea.

Top Tourist Place in China West Lake Hangzhou

#4 Shanghai City View

Xian, the china ancient capital is your gateway to ancient Chinese civilization. Touring in Xi’an allows breathing historical air from the must-see spots. Breathing historical air includes major attractions in the Xi’an.

Top Tourist Place in China Sanghai City View

#5 Hong Kong – Shopping Paradise

Hong Kong is 60 km on the south coast of China. They are to the Macau east on the Pearl River opposite side, north to Shengzhen. It has Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island, 262 small islands and new territories. Hong Kong is an international prosperous metropolis and the third financial centers in the world. It is a shopping paradise having having the first Disneyland Theme park in China, the fifth in the world, and the second in Asia.

Top Tourist Place in China Shopping Paradise

Top Tourist Place in China Disneyland Theme Park

#6 Guangzhou – Liberal and prosperous City near Hong Kong

Guangzhou, the Guangdong Province capital city is nicknamed as the Goat City. It has cultural and historic significance. It is the largest export port and is the largest commercial and industrial city. It enjoy all year around humid climate, all four seasons flowers blossom and bears the nickname ‘the City of Flowers.’ There are places of interests, more than 150 historical sites, and various entertainment modern facilities. The Guangdong Export Commodities Fairs in China is held every year twice.

Top Tourist Place in China Guangzhou

Top Tourist Place in China Liberal and Prosperous City Guangzhou

#7 Chengdu – China Giant Panda Hometown

Chengdu is Sichuan Province capital. It is famous with more than 3000 years history belonging to the ancient Shu and Han dynasty. It is known as the China giant pandas hometown attracting tourists in thousands every year.

Top Tourist Place in China Giant Panda Hometown Chengdu

Top Tourist Place in China Giant Panda Hometown Chengdu

#8 Suzhou – Ancient City for Gardens and Canals

Suzhou, founded in 514 BC, is the oldest in Yangtze Basin. It borders on the east Shanghai, on the west is Wuxi city, and on the north is Yangtze River. Suzhou enjoys excellent water, land, and air transportation. The city remains the most beautiful cities featuring classical gardens and interlocking canals. The lanes and streets are in the song-dynasty style in its downtown area.

Top Tourist Place in China Ancient City For Garden and Canals

#9 The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is an attraction that most travelers visit. It is the top places and one of the seven wonders declared by UNESCO. The largest man-made project is Great Wall of China. It stretches in the west to Shanhaiguan from Gansu Province on the Bohai Sea, covering 21,196.18 km and has a history of over 2300 years.

The history of China is more than 5,000 years old and is the richest civilizations. It has a huge territory and a long history, offering much to explore. Anyone visiting China , must not miss on these top tourist places in China.

Top Tourist Place in China The Great Wall of China

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