Dubai Expo 2020

A Glimpse of Dubai Expo 2020 Offering Premium Experience

Dubai Expo 2020 hosted as World Expo in the UAE from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. It was scheduled originally for 20 October, 2020 to 10 April, 2021. This postponing of schedule is due to the pandemic, COVID-19.

Dubai Expo 2020 is a huge impressive affair spanning over one lakh square feet and across four floors. It includes music and dance programs, online workshops, food festivals, and other events of India in the pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020. It was a star-studded opening ceremony featuring 190 participant countries.

dubai expo 2020

The building was housed in Dubai and is massive in sandstone enveloping the theme of ‘Opportunity and Growth, Openness.’ It is split further into 11 primary themes that include inclusivity, urban development, climate, food agriculture and wellness. A key feature is the 75 years of independence of India as the celebration.

The pavilion is designed by CP Kukreja Architects, a Delhi-based lead designer. They worked on the interior exhibits and displays with a London based firm, Muse. The pavilion will remain open every day from 10 am till 12 pm up to 31 March 2022. The price of the ticket ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs.38000. It includes for one-day pass to premium experience.

Pavilion Features

The facade

The façade is box-like featuring 600 individual blocks using kinetic architecture to go through the independent nation of India’s journey. There are rotating panels displaying 75 stories on the history and culture of India. The façade, during the day will commemorate 75 years of India’s Independence in different moving patterns. These patterns every week will take into three stories shape from 25 sub- themes. The façade in the evenings become totally different as there is a vibrant show with light, sound, and projections. Government campaigns such as Digital India, Make in India, Start-up
India and Skill India are vital features in these projections.

Dubai expo india pavilion
Image Credit: Khaleej Times

Dubai Expo Ram Mandi Model

The architects of CP Kukreja, Dikshu Kukreja said most of the exhibits are in digital format and so most weeks it will be replaced. The pavilion in these 26 weeks will lead corporate from Indi and each state will highlight its story.

Explore Inside

The visitors at the entrance are welcomed into India’s space programs that are into a tunnel. It also has the country’s developments in the Ayurveda, yoga, and health sector. It also features alternate medicine system. Top three floors concentrate on the Indian culture exploration, where it reveals the bilateral relationship with the corporate India and the UAE’s ambitions.

Dubai Expo 2020 Indian pavilion focuses to various sectors this year. It is not restricted to heritage and crafts. It has also shown the modern economy that is fast-growing and includes LED surround projection, virtual reality pods, walk-in experience kiosks, 3D augmented reality projected systems.

Other programs

The pavilion hosts every day music and dance events in a series presenting different parts of India. It includes Carnatic music to Sikh kirtans, yoga sessions, dandiya programs, and musical dance dramas.

It hosts food festivals bringing different parts of India cuisines. There is biodiversity, climate change seminars, movie screenings, panel discussions, and pitching start-up sessions on various issues. The Indian pavilion has the celebrities and leaders from the globe. The early visitors to the pavilion were General Bob Clark, the United States Commissioner, and Mohamed Nasheed, Maldives former president.

On October 1, the pavilion inauguration was done by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister and he referred it as the powerhouse of talent. He said India’s pavilion will display multiple areas, and the diverse nature of India. It will showcase multiple sector opportunities such as textiles, health, services, infrastructure, and lots more.

The Dubai Expo 2020 is the largest events in the Middle East and South Asian regions afterthe COVID pandemic. PM Modi also congratulated the UAE Government for organizing the Expo 2020 in a grandeur way. He said this expo is a testimony to the resilience of mankind against the pandemic.”

More information

  • UAE is issuing for Indian travelers tourist visas (go through terms and conditions).
  • Dubai Expo 2020 is from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.
  • The Expo is led by the International Affairs UAE Minister of State, Reem Al Hashimy.
  • She has broken the Arab women stereotype image by taking this expo to new heights.
  • Connecting minds and creating future offers sustainability, opportunity, and mobility to inspire people to follow the sub-themes.

Indian pavilion in this Duabi Expo 2020 has a four-storeyed pavilion, the largest, showcasing 75 th anniversary of Independence and the Chakra as the logo in tricolor reiterating the theme. The UAE pavilion features a design of falcon taking a flight. It is located in the top floor in the Opportunity district. African Union Pavilion is in the Opportunity district revealing cultural discovery. The Netherland pavilion combines environment, technology, and aesthetics, designed like some biotope through its exhibitions and designs. Ethiopia pavilion tagged the cradle of humanity. Italy pavilion has the Michelangelo’s David life-size replica, the masterpiece created using the 3D largest printers in the worlds.

Dubai Expo 2020 Some Photograph

Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo UAE Pavilion
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Dubai Expo 2020 UK Pavilion

Dubai Expo 2020 Canada Pavilion

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