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15 Amazing and Fun Pangolin Facts and Pictures

Pangolins are the mammals in the world that are covered in scales from head to toe. They are a group of African and Asian mammals covered in hard scales. They curl up to defend themselves appearing as a ball and are the heavily trafficked animal. They have long snouts and small heads, besides longer tongues to slurp up ants even from the ant nests insides that some call them anteaters. They eat 70 million insects every year.

Pangolin tails are also covered with scale armor as the rest of their bodies and their tails are strong too. Some Pangolins survive in the trees and some use their tail as the fifth limb and it is very strong to support their entire bodyweight.

Pangolins are hunted for meat, that they have become endangered. They are used in traditional medicine and also as fashion accessories, particularly in Vietnam and China. The Asian pangolins are drastically driving down due to the large-scale illegal trade, and pangolin trafficking bas become a huge illegal business.

More Amazing facts about Pangolin

  1. Pangolin is known as the scaly anteater, and is the only mammal covered in Keratin scales from head to toe. However, their finger nails are the same as human finger nails. Their scales account to 20% of their entire body weight.
  2. Pangolin is in eight species, four is in Asia, the Malayan, the Chinese, the Indian and the Palawan Pangolin. The remaining four are in Africa, the Giant Ground Pangolin, the Tree Pangolin, the Long-tailed Pangolin, and the Cape Pangolin.
  3. They are covered in brown scales and are in a small cat size. They have strong, long tails to be used as a weapon.
  4. They inhabit the savannah and the dry woodlands. They spend time in trees or sleep in underground burrows.
  5. They are in a small cat size and their long tails are their weapon.
  6. Pangolin this name is due to the Malay word Pengguling that refers to rolling up. The defence mechanism that becomes a hardened ball on rolling up and they do this during threatful times.
  7. On rolling up, the Pangolin creates a spiky, hard, impenetrable ball to defeat even the jaws of tigers, lions, and leopards.
  8. Pangolins deter predators by releasing a noxious-smelling acid. The long sticky tongue extends over 40 cm and is longer than their own body.
  9. They do not have teeth to chew, but the insects are broken by keratin spines that are within their stomachs.
  10. Pangolins are nocturnal, solitary animals and their eyesight is very poor. Their sound and smell sense is supreme helping in hunting the termite ant hills and mounds.
  11. For three months, the pangolin pups go on their mother’s tail for a ride and remain for five months in their mothers care before attempting solo hunts.
  12. Male species pangolins are 90% heavier to females.

Pangolin Photo

Wildlife Photography Pangolin by Animalsfreak21
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Pangolins Picture by Shaazjung
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Amazing Pangolin Fact Photo by Suzieszterhas
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Pangolin image by Cesarrajo
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Beautiful Chinese Pangolin Picture

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