Amazing Pigeon Fact

15 Amazing Pigeon Facts and Pigeon Pictures

Amazing Pigeon Facts: Doves and pigeons are from the Columbidae family of birds. There are over 300 species of birds under this bird’s family. Pigeons have bigger stature and body sizes with short legs and rounded body. Pigeon is commonly found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. It adapts to residential and wild surroundings.

Pigeons are in different types such as the rock pigeon referred to as Columba livia. Other pigeon types include carrier pigeons, passenger pigeons, white pigeons, ice pigeons, and a few pigeons detect magnetic fields.

Pigeons belong to the Aves class and it includes vertebrate warm-blooded birds with wings, feathers and a beak without any teeth.

Amazing Pigeon Facts

  • Intelligent animals. Pigeons recognize the human alphabets each letter. It knows to differentiate between photographs and also to distinguish humans using a photograph.
  • Share responsibility. Both male and female pigeons take care of their young ones and raise them. Both take turns in incubating the eggs to feeding the chicks that is the pigeon’s milk that is a secretion from the crop lining that the sexes produce.
  • Sociable. Pigeons are sociable animals seen in flocks. They are with humans in close proximity for many years.
  • Navigational abilities. Pigeons use skills such as sun to understand magnetic compass. A study showed that they use landmarks as signposts and travels along motorways and man-made roads, while changing at junctions their directions.
  • Clean animals. Pigeons are disease and dirt-ridden that they stay clean at all times. As such no transmitter is seen of any disease. Pigeon droppings were extremely valuable few centuries ago, but are now as a problem. It was the best fertilizer available.
  • Different religions. Pigeons are fed by different religions including Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. They fly high up to 6000 feet and 77.6 mph is the average speed, while 92.5 mph is the recorded fast speed.
  • Hearing abilities. Pigeons can detect at much far the sounds. The lower frequencies also are detected by sounds than human. Pigeons also hear distant volumes and storms.

A few Crazy facts:

  1. Pigeons fought in World War I and II along with humans. Communication was not easy then and pigeons were the one to deliver messages. They save countless lives in the history. They conveyed messages and rescued army and also refilled navy while in deadlock situations. Pigeon are in use even today by Iraqi, French, and Chinese
  2. Pigeon races are a sport that has trained pigeons to race and the distance covered is taken to evaluate. Pigeons travel 80 km/h at average speed. The highest speed is 140 km/h. The pigeon race become popular so much that in 19 th century Olympics had a Pigeon racing event in Paris.
  3. They understand time and space. Pigeons evaluate the line length or the way it is displayed. Pigeons understand both the concepts of space and time.
  4. Find way to Nest. The birds have no magnetic clues or visual or olfactory and do no know the traveling direction. However, their navigational skills sets caged pigeons free and is found that pigeons are messengers of long distance and trained pigeons are good at race.
White Color Pigeon Facts by Mali Maeder
Image Credit: Mali Maeder

Beautiful Pigeon Image by Crea Park
Image Credit: Crea Park

Beautiful Pigeon Image by Vicky Deshmukh
Image Credit: Vicky Deshmukh

Beautiful Pigeon Water Drinking by Pixabay
Image Credit: Pixabay

Beautiful Pigeon Image by Flo Zimmermann
Image Credit: Flo Zimmermann

Beautiful Pigeon Image by Farhan Mukadam
Image Credit: Farhan Mukadam

Beautiful Pigeon Image by Sandy Miller
Image Credit: Sandy Miller

Beautiful Pigeon Picture by Castorly Stock
Image Credit: Castorly Stock

Beautiful Pigeon Image by Ribin Px
Image Credit: Ribin Px

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