Elephant Rock Iceland

Elephant Rock Iceland, an Astounding Sight

Elephant Rock is in Iceland. It is a basalt rock on the Westman Islands. Scientists say the rock has this shape due to volcanic eruption. Elephant Rock Iceland is a rock formation in the Westman Islands. It is an astounding sight that for a second any viewer will go silent. You get to see a petrified elephant.

Elephant Rock Iceland

History Of this rock

Elephant Rock became sensation news a few years ago. It is in the Westman Islands and is a giant structure in basalt rock on the western part formed due to eruption around 15,000 years ago. This eruption happened in 1973 on Heimaey, displacing the inhabitants of the islands for months.

Elephant Rock Iceland

Elephant Rock appears like an elephant having a drink direct from the ocean. Viewers can get the best view from the sea and also from Heimaey’s golf course. There are guided tours offered to get a better view. Visitors are kept within recommended safety lines.

Formation of Elephant Rock

The Elephant Rock is an enormous rock naturally formed, but it hard to imagine. However, there are no records of any elephant stepping its foot in Iceland. The Westman Islands were formed due to volcanic series of eruptions happening under sea level. It is common in the surrounding areas of this island at the two continental plates split. There are plenty of eruptions and earthquakes happening and it is a part of their daily life for the locals.

In 1973, a significant last eruption occurred when Eldfell went without warning, thereby causing lava to flow over Heimaey Islands larger parts. The islands were evacuated and were left deserted until the volcanic eruption stopped. It is the most memorable events that were life-altering in the late 19 th century for many islanders. People believe that this eruption has caused the formation of Elephant Rock and it enlarged substantially the island.


Elephant Rock Iceland

Exact location

The Westman Islands comprises of 15 islands as an archipelago off the South Coast of Iceland. Among these, only one of the islands is inhabited, and it is Heimaey. The Elephant Rock stands tall surrounded by other smaller islands and sea cliffs. Elephant Rock GPS coordinates is: 63.4393° N, 20.3112° W.

How to reach Elephant Rock?

  • Reach Westman Islands by flying or boat.
  • In summers the boat departs from Landeyjarhöfn and takes 30 minutes. A boat is known as Herjólfur.
  • In winters boat departs from Þorlákshöfn and takes 3 hours.

A quicker option is to fly to Westman Islands and to catch from Reykjavik a flight and to land in 25 minutes to the Westman Islands. Whatever you choose, you may book a Rib Safari tour or a boat ride.

Fun Facts

  • The Elephant Rock is a result of big eruption on Heimaey Island.
  • No record is found of any elephant ever stepping in Iceland.
  • Aerial picture of the elephant rock went viral.

What is around the Elephant Rock?

The Eldheimar Volcano Museum reveals the Eldfell Volcano eruption. It is worth visiting. Also visit the Saeheimar Aquarium and meet real puffin, sip local brewed beer at Brothers Brewery, try the swimming pool, and taste at local restaurants the fresh fish. Try local sport ‘Sprangan’ that is to swing holding onto a rope on the cliffs

Elephant Rock Iceland.

Eating places

  • Slippurinn – an award-winning restaurant and cocktail bar, fair in price.
  • Einsi Kaldi –excellent atmosphere, great variety, and friendly staff.
  • Tanginn- is a timber house at the harbour offering tasty dishes.
  • GOTT- offering excellent quality and healthy option of standard recipes.
  • 900 Bar- burgers, cheesy pizzas, and comfort food.