stephan brusche banana art

20 Funny and Creative Banana Art by Stephan Brusche

Dutch innovative artist, Stephan Brusche (isteef) based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is displaying his art in a unique medium, the banana art. He presents a combination of design, art, and this yellow fruit is eaten all across the world.

He started when he wished to send on Instagram something pleasing. He did not understand what to send and noticed a banana on his desk. He drew a happy face on it. It was an innocuous effort and he all of a sudden realized it was enjoyable drawing on the banana peel. He pursued his imagination as an experiment. With experience and time, he began expressing his ideas on the banana peel. Yet it is a great effort to bring out an art confining in the banana shape.

He is for the past seven years, dealing in bananas. He managed to blend his artistic flair and imagination with bananas.

His artwork presents a variety of themes and designs etched into different banana skins. Stephan Brusche banana art is inventive and clever for several reasons. He is using a simple fruit, banana, and bringing out his innovative imagination into art, revealing his artistic flair.

Stephan Brusche explores his recognizable and renowned fruit doodles. He produces recognizable and witty images. The images include portrayals of animals fish carved into banana, giraffes drawn intricately, and it has boldly sketched elephants, to iconic images such as the stark and bald yellow cranium of Homer Simpson, that appears intriguing.

The artist’s process inspiration is the fruit shape and he contemplates the design. He thinks in a comical concept and begins drawing renowned iconic works. He translates the same into a distinct artwork. He uses the regular ballpoint pen and draws designs on the banana skin. He uses a small kitchen knife to craft and shape the concept to give an overall finish. The effortless ink flow on the fruit skin is clear and he draws at once the entire design and does not sketch any shape as preliminary.

The crafts intricate part is found in the clever design as juxtaposition and in the background among the shoeboxes, cutting boards or plastic bags. Each design is on the Instagram and Brusche has over 18k followers. This artist has Facebook and Twitter followers. He is prominent for his prints, t-shirt, and books. His creative doodles are found on his website. He is innovative with banana doodles and offers a range of fun with his imagination.

His banana art is whimsical and grabs the eyeballs of the viewers in the social media. He uses banana skins as his canvas and carves or draws on them his art works. It is applicable and makes real sense with this term ‘Going Bananas’ to this artist. Today his banana peel has undergone several creations.

He contributed to anthologies such as Lustre, Bloeddorst, Sprookjes in Strookjes, and Strips in Stereo bootleg and to magazines such as Myx and De Lijn. He is a mailman during daytime in Haarlem. He won in 2006 a Clickburg Webcomic Award, and more.

He draws interesting things, or shapes the skin into different designs. Some of his imaginative designs include, Marilyn Monroe, Bert & Ernie, Michelangelo’s The creation of Adam, and more.

Isn’t banana art an extraordinary material turning into art genial pieces, what do you say?

Stephan Brusche Banana Art

#1 You Are Amazing

Funny Creative Banana Art Ideas You Art Amazing by Stephan Brusche

#2 Nana Shake

Funny Creative Banana Art Nana Shake by Stephan Brusche

#3 Marilyn Monroe

Creative Banana Art Ideas Marilyn Monroe by Stephan Brusche

#4 Monkey

Stephan Brusche Banana Art

#5 Happy Family

Creative Banana Art Happy Family by Stephan Brusche

#6 Happy Birthday

Stephan Brusche Banana Art Happy Birthday

#7 Merry Xmas


Funny Creative Banana Art Merry Xmas by Stephan Brusche

#8 Merry Christmas

Funny Creative Banana Art Merry Christmas by Stephan Brusche


Stephan Brusche Banana Art

#10 Hey

Funny Banana Art Hey by Stephan Brusche

#11 Salvador Dali

Funny Creative Banana Art Salvador Dali by Stephan Brusche

#12 Monkey

Creative Banana Art Monkey by Stephan Brusche

#13 Laugh

Funny and Creative Banana Art Laugh by Stephan Brusche

#14 Princess Leia

Creative Banana Art Nana Princess Leia by Stephan Brusche

#15 Love

Funny Banana Art Nana Love by Stephan Brusche

#16 Fox

Stephan Brusche Banana Art

#17 Leopard

Creative Banana Art Leopard by Stephan Brusche

#18 Ironman

Funny and Creative Banana Art Ironman by Stephan Brusche

#19 Luke Skywalker

Creative Banana Art Luke Skywalker by Stephan Brusche

#20 Valentine Days

Creative Banana Art Valentines Day by Stephan Brusche

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