Funny Cat Costume Yagyouneko

15 Funny Cat Costumes Design representing Popular Anime Characters by Yagyouneko

Cosplay enthusiast from Tokushima, Japan is getting attention online for his collection of Funny cat costumes. It is an inspiration in popular anime characters. The artist is talented and goes on Twitter by Yagyouneko and has adorable projects on social media. Choosing a character for his favorite anime and he starts working on the costume of the feline cosplay.

The talented artist designs and conceptualizes the outfit, sews and cuts the material, dresses the felines and takes the photos himself. Look at the costumes and the photos. It is hard to believe he does everything by himself.

He takes advantage of visually impressive locations, bridges, and shrines. Yagyou pulls some spectacular shots and focuses on the cat protagonists and their outfits. It reveals the Princess Mononoke the memorable anime or Spirited Away costumes, some of the favorite anime characters. It is apparent that most of the costumes are from Studio Ghibli films and is easily

Yagyou’s cat costumes appears cute to any average viewer, however, Studio Ghibli fans will be impressed on giving attention to every detail and the way he manages to incorporate different elements to make iconic outfits into the feline of himself cosplaying various anime characters, the young artist states that he is focusing exclusively on his cat cosplay project and, judging by the attention. He will be moving forward.

Anyone who is a fan of anime, cats and love adorable dressed cats, will find this to be a treat. This talented Japanese man creates the anime costumes for his two cute cats and they are handmade. He also has a Twitter account dedicated to his cats and their costumes. He already has over 16 thousand followers. His designs are done by him using his two hands and are made from scratch.

Yagyou is working all alone and is clear that if anyone wishes to assist in the photo shoots or provide ideas they are welcome. This cat costumes maker says his future goal is to place a calendar with 12 best photos. Now, this anime fan is making costumes for his two cats that are also great models.

Funny Cat Costumes

#1 Secrets

Cat Costume Anime Character Cool Demon Slayer by Yagyouneko


Funny Cat Costumes Aww by Yagyouneko

#3 Bunny

Funny Cat Costumes Bunny by Yagyouneko

#4 Kisses

Funny Cat Costume Kisses by Yagyouneko

#5 Sword Fighter

Funny Cat Costume Little Sword by Yagyouneko

#6 Mystery

Funny Cat Costume Alerted by Yagyouneko

#7 Detective

Funny Cat Costumes Detective

#8 Sailor Cat

Funny Cat Costume Sailor by Yagyouneko

#9 Kitty

Funny Cat Costume Kitty by Yagyouneko


Funny Cat Costume Aww by Yagyouneko

#11 Bold Eyes

Funny Cat Costume Bold Eyes by Yagyouneko

#12 Ready To Ride

Funny Cat Costume Secure by Yagyouneko

#13 Awww!!!!

Funny Cat Costume by Yagyouneko


Funny Cat Costume by Yagyouneko


Funny Cat Costume Design by Yagyouneko

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