Funny Hipster Portrait Amit Shimoni

15 Funny Hipster Portraits of Famous Celebrities by Amit Shimoni

Designer Amit Shimoni is an Israeli artist. He is known for his hipstory project that depicts familiar faces as a series of portraits in the world of politics, art, and pop culture, as modern hipsters. Shimoni, today has a design studio and is an operator having many projects running and most are top brands including New York Observer and New York times.

Designer Amit Shimoni reimagines world famous leaders as hipsters of modern-day and brings out the same in his illustration series ‘Hipstory’. Amit is the boldest new voice at the political cartoons crossroads and fashion illustration. Getting the cultural and political figures and making them relatable is the catch.

Amit Shimoni offers more accessibility and there is importance increasing with individual empowerment. He studied visual communications and learnt about the impact of the Kennedy and Nixon debate broadcast. It was the reality of political media and today there is 24/7 broadcast that we can get a glimpse of anyone’s lives. There is an emotional connection and a
huge effect on experiencing leadership. The focus is on the individual empowerment and it makes people see the leaders as they can see themselves in. They get inspired in a personal way.

Looking for Vladimir Putin with a flower crown or Joe Biden in an ice-cream shirt and both having apparent chest tattoos. Mahatma Gandhi was his first non-Israeli public figure illustration. Amit Shimoni traveled multiple times to India and took his first art class at the age of twenty- two. He was highly intrigued by Gandhi's mission, and he represented the example of a changemaker perfectly. His dedication to equality in a nonviolent manner, and to follow always an admirable path is something worthy.

Amit Shimoni views himself as a HIPSTORY and a pop artist in a visual language communicating across genders, cultures, and generations. He is also inspired deeply by Andy Warhol and Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci worked for four years on Mona Lisa, while Andy Warhol took Marilyn Monroe photo for his silkscreen portraits reference and changed the game. All the work is digital and has familiar elements.

Fashion includes tools for cultural diplomacy: context, colors, and accessories. In the initial stages, Amit Shimoni decides how he wishes to see in relation the person to HiPSTORY. He tries to keep the portraits relevant and not too trendy. Amit is inspired by Happy Socks brand messaging as it takes socks to self-expression and the artwork is interesting.

He believes Greta Thunberg to be different as she denotes the future and not the past. She just began her journey and is curious to see that unfolds her. Amit finds her to be unique as she has changed the way people think in many ways. Amit is curious about the digital art. He turned recently some artwork into NFTs and is now excited to see the new visual language can be leveraged in HIPSTORY.

Funny Hipster Portraits-Amit Shimoni

#1 Abraham Lincoln

Funny Hipster Portrait Abraham Lincoln by Amit Shimoni

#2 Donald Trump

Funny Hipster Portrait Donald Trump by Amit Shimoni

#3 Barack Obama

Funny Hipster Portrait Barack Obama by Amit Shimoni

#4 John F Kennedy

Funny Hipster Portrait John F Kennedy by Amit Shimoni

#5 Nelson Mandela

Funny Hipster Portrait Nelson Mandela by Amit Shimoni

#6 Ariel Sharon

Funny Hipster Portrait Ariel Sharon by Amit Shimoni

#7 Dalai Lama

Funny Hipster Portrait Dalai Lama by Amit Shimoni

#8 Che Guevara

Funny Hipster Portrait Che Guevara by Amit Shimoni

#9 Salvador Dali

Funny Hipster Portrait Salvador Dali by Amit Shimoni

#10 Albert Einstein

Funny Hipster Portrait Albert Einstein by Amit Shimoni

#11 Zeev Herzi

Funny Hipster Portrait Zeev Herzi by Amit Shimoni

#12 Maradona

Funny Hipster Portrait Maradona by Amit Shimoni

#13 Michele Obama

Funny Hipster Portrait Michele Obama by Amit Shimoni

#14 Hilary Clinton

Funny Hipster Portrait Hilary Clinton by Amit Shimoni

#15 Benjamin Margaret Thatcher


Funny Hipster Portrait Benjamin Margaret Thatcher by Amit Shimoni

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