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Recreate Pop Culture Figures as Funny Lowcost Cosplay by Lonelyman (15 Pics)

Anucha Saengchart is more popular as Lonelyman. He is from Malaysia a 31-year-old man imitating movie posters, characters or celebrities with objects. He names his art as ‘Lowcost Cosplay.’

He uses a few basic materials and a lot of creativity to come with ingenuity in lots and to make costumes. Anucha is very popular on the internet. Cosplay is a sub-culture as it includes design knowledge while playing the characters. A common belief is cosplaying needs fancy materials.

Anucha says he has no issues in inventing with anything, a food suit or even a market. From towels to paint, flour and cables, he is an anti-production icon. Anucha Saengchart has on Instagram one million followers and he is a huge fan of Blackpink. He use for his latest post Lisa as inspiration. He also has made several cosplays of the K-Pop singer.

His creativity and talent is highly praiseworthy by Lisa’s fans and they have shower extending support for his comments. Some screenshots on Instagram have plenty of comments and it includes strangers and followers in admiration and support.

The Lonelyman shows reveal the truth that there is no need to have many fancy supplies for a new costume. His Low Cost Cosplay is hilarious as he transforms pop culture characters and more within a short time and in budget.

The Low cost Cosplay posts fill the Instagram account and Facebook page. He produces different looks with body paint, a fruit piece, or even with French fries and Ketchup. He takes to work in progress by keeping two panels. Thus produces two panels in the final of his handiwork and the source image as a side-by-side comparison.

Saengchart captures the essence of that he is depicting by arranging materials creatively or using forced perspective. However, the Low Cost Cosplay fun of Anucha has his favorite iterations to create funny costumes. He reveals he can recreate pop culture figures without fancy materials.

Funny Lowcost Cosplay-Lonelyman

#1 Vogue

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Vogue by Lonelyman

#2 Evil

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Evil by Lonelyman

#3 Spx Family

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Spx Family by Lonelyman

#4 Bobbly Fish

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Bobbly FIsh by Lonelyman

#6 Rezero

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Rezero by Lonelyman

#7 French Fries

Funny Lowcost Cosplay French Fries by Lonelyman

#8 Scarlett Witch

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Scarlet Witch by Lonelyman

#9 Mango

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Mango by Lonelyman

#10 Cindrella

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Cindrella by Lonelyman

#11 Jimin

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Jimin by Lonelyman

#12 Poddle

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Poddle by Lonelyman

#13 Wear Hat

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Wear Hat by Lonelyman

#14 Omu Rice

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Omu Rice by Lonelyman

#15 Fashion

Funny Lowcost Cosplay Fashion by Lonelyman

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