Funny Optical Illusion Picture

20 Funny Optical Illusions –The Perfectly Timed Pictures

Funny optical illusions perplex your mind after watching them and are certain to bring a big smile on your face. It gives you a clear idea of the optical illusions. It is the simplest way of looking at things and enjoying the influence of our perception.

Optical illusions challenge our senses and at first glance, most of us try relating the image with the closest interpretation, and realize the separate details only after sometime. It comes to notice that nothing makes the closest sense, but it is the result of the sense of reality. It is the best interpretation of visual cues that the eyes provide.

The surprise element is always alive with funny optical illusions and it is perfect timed pictures. The beauty of these optical illusions is that it can be one thing as you see and can be deconstructed into something else within a few minutes.

The funny optical illusions are the eye tricks taking place on seeing a visual scene, the way it unfolds. It is different from the brain and it responds in different ways until arriving at a conclusion.

The optical illusions are in 3 main types:

  • Literal illusions that develop images different from the objects seen. For instance, 3 birds flying such that 2 birds fly above one, it becomes a smiling face illusion form.
  • Physiological illusions adapt longer alternating patterns or follow bright lights. It includes excessive stimulation of brain or eyes. The repetitive stimulation results in physiological imbalance altering perception.
  • Cognitive illusions arise by interaction of assumptions resulting in unconscious inferences. Thus, the cognitive illusions get categorized into:
  • Distorting illusions – these are characterized by length, size or curvature distortions.
  • Fiction illusions- these are characterized as the perception of objects that does not exist at all; it can be a hallucinogen or schizophrenia.
  • Ambiguous illusions- these are objects or pictures eliciting a switch between alternative interpretations.
  • Paradox illusions- these are impossible or paradoxical. It is a cognitive misunderstanding to join the adjacent edges.

#1 Guys Speaking About Future

Funny Optical Illusion Picture Two Aeroplane

#2 I am watching my devotees

Funny Optical Illusion Image Cuckoo Cuckoo

#3 Not again I have to remember to wake you up!

Funny Optical Illusion Image Clock

#4 Aww, They look twins!

Funny Optical Illusion Picture Owl

#5 Scarry looks

Funny Optical Illusion Picture Scary Look

#6 I am tired and sleepy

Funny Optical Illusion Photo I am Sleepy

#7 Fuming black clouds, what a pollution!

Funny Optical Illusion Image Black Clouds

#8 The third eye beauty

Funny Optical Illusion Photo Third Eye

#9 Nosey Brinjal

#10 Hold me tight, else I will fall down

#11 Old beautiful Alley

#12 Open your mouth ha, ha, ha

#13 I am tired and sleepy

#14 Why the sulky look?

Funny Optical Illusion Photo Sulky Look

#15 Why an Angry red face in the clouds?

Funny Optical Illusion Image Angry Clouds

#17 Startled eyes to wash red colored clothes

Funny Optical Illusion Photo Washing Machine

#18 I am loaded, shut me up!

#19 Gleeing teethy smile

Funny Optical Illusion Picture Gleeing Teethy Smile

#20 Two in Jovial mood

Funny Optical Illusion Image Decor