A Glimpse of 11 weird Animals that are hard to believe, but are surviving

What are the weirdest animals in the world? You must have seen one in a horror or a sci-fi movie as a strange beastie. However, you can find here some weird animals that seem to appear as unrelated mash-up of animals or birds.

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The world has 87 lakh weird species is estimated by the scientists. However, this vast majority is far from identification and it may take more 1000 years to identify. Yet, now the identified weird animals are around 12 lakhs. It means from the total, it is around 13-14% of identification of animals. These include under sea creatures and animals found in the Amazon

Here is a glimpse of 11 weird animals that are hard to believe. It is not photoshopped, they do exist. To begin with is:

1. Bluefooted Booby

Bluefooted Booby is found in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. It is like a penguin, a marine bird. The striking features are its legs that are blue in color to earn its name. Its legs are blue in color due to the fish variety it eats. The indication is that the more blue color legs represent healthy bird species. It dances very well to attract its female species. The female species
chooses the male and joins the male and dances beautifully with its mating partner.

Weird Animal Bluefooted Booby


Weird Animal Bluefooted Booby

2. Platypus

Platypus is a weird organism. Normally, mammals give birth and feed milk, while other organisms lay eggs. But this organism is truly weird; Platypus lays eggs and feeds milk to its offspring’s. There are only 4 such types of organisms following such type of feed and reproduction mechanism. Its appearance is like an otter, while its legs and mouth resembles a duck. The weirdest part of Platypus is that its mouth is connected directly to the intestine as it does not have a stomach. It is poisonous as reptiles, lays eggs like birds, and feeds its young ones with milk like mammals. Truly a weird animal, presenting a combination of many creatures.

Weird Animal Platypus

Weird Animal Platypus Water

3. Poodle moth

Poodle moth is a type of butterfly found in 2009. It belongs to the huge butterfly specie and has the poodle dog’s name. A zoologist happened to find it when he was taking photos of other insects. He then named it as Poodle moth as it has fur like the poodle dog. Mostly, mammals have fur helping to keep the body warm. But these insects are cold-blooded animals and yet have lots of fur. It has four wings covered with fur to the extent that its antenna appears like any brush, but has six legs like any insect. Though it has wings, it does not fly much. It keeps crawling like any silkworm.

Weird Animal Poodle Moth

Weird Animal Poodle Moth

4. Treehoppers

Treehoppers  are found in Brazil. It is just 5 millimeter long and is referred to as alien bug. It features an antenna like any helicopter and has sharp eyes. This weird species belongs to the mosquito family. It also makes a hole and sucks blood, the same as mosquitoes.

Weird Animal Treehooopers


Weird Animal Treehooopers Mosquito

5. Blobfish

Blobfish came to be voted as the ugliest creatures. We humans have around 70% of water in our body and Blobfish has 99% water in its body. It does not have a swimming bladder and it is never active. It is boneless and grows upto 12 inches. It lives at a depth under the sea at 4000 feet. Under that pressure within the sea it appears normal as any other fish. But bringing
it to land or our ground level, the pressure difference of the earth makes it appear weird.

Weird Animal Blobfish

6. Sparkelmuffin

Sparkelmuffin is a type of spider. It is also referred to as peacock spiders as its feathers resemble a peacock and it dances opening its feathers. It is just half an inch in length, but jumps to 50x of its size. It is a jumping spider. Looking at these activities of the male spiders, the female spiders come for mating. However, at times, after the mating process, the male
spiders are killed and eaten by the female spiders.

Weird Animal Sparkelmuffin

Weird Animal Sparkelmuffin 

7. Pacu Fish

Pacu Fish appears like any normal fish. This fish belongs to the species of Piranha fish that you may have seen in movies. People fear catching it believing it to be the dangerous Piranha fish. The Pacu fish grows around 3 feet in two weeks, and its teeth is identical to human teeth. In the sea world none of the species have teeth resembling humans. Pacu fish eats hard
nuts and seeds making use of its teeth.

Weird Animal Pacu Fish 

Weird Animal Pacu Fish

8. Leafy sea dragon

Leafy sea dragon is found in southern and Western Australia. It camouflages with the plants that identifying this weird species is very difficult. This species belong to the sea horses family. It appears just like any leaf that it easily protects itself from predators. However, it cannot escape humans and they are its predators. The humans who are sea divers in Australia
take them as they appear beautiful and have started growing them in their homes. Now, Australian government is working to safeguard this species. Spotting it is very difficult. It can be identified only by its moving eyes or on seeing its movement. It is the reason so far there is no idea of its collective numbers existing.

Weird Animal Leafy Sea Dragon

9. Lyrebird

Lyrebird is another weird animal found only in Australia. It has the talent of doing mimicry. It can imitate any sound that it hears. It easily mimics the sounds of cuckoo birds and monkeys. Its talent extends to mimicking the sounds of lumbersaw machines while tree cutting, vehicles, siren, human whistle, baby crying, mobile ringtones, clicking sounds, and also human sounds. It sings a song featuring 20 organisms’ sounds. It helps its species by mimicking sounds and alerts its species from enemies. Besides, singing beautifully, its tail feathers look stunning. It dances keeping its feathers open and is an invitation to partner for mating.

weird Animal Lyrebirdweird Animal Lyrebird

10. Glass frogs

Glass frogs have a transparent stomach portion that its heart beat and other organs are clearly visible. It is lime green in color. The female glass frogs lay eggs and the male glass frogs take care of the hatching process. These frogs are in 1 inch length and live for a life span of 14 years. One astonishing fact of this 1 inch length frog is that it takes a jump to 10 feet distance.

Glass Frog

Weird Animal Glass Frog

11. Axolotyl

Axolotyl is an amphibian surviving on water and land. Generally, the amphibians grow by breathing through their gills under water and as they grow and reach the land, they use their lungs to breath. But Axolotyl is an amphibian that does not come to land. It is found only in Mexican ponds and grows to 9 inches length. It looks identical to the starfishes. The beauty of this weird animal is that it has a smiling look anytime you see its face.

Weird Animal axolotyl

Aren’t they weird, but they do exist. Now, what do you think is the weirdest?

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