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A Galore of Health Benefits of a Country breed bird, Kadaknath chicken

Kadaknath hen is an Indian breed. It gained popularity after the Madhya Pradesh agri-scientists recommended to BCCI black chicken and Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper said he was going vegan. The origin of Kadaknath chicken is from Madhya Pradesh, Dhar and Jhabua. It is also found in the districts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kadaknath chicken is black in color and its blood is also black in color. Its beak, skin, soles, and toes are in dark grey and it is also referred to as ‘Kaali Maansi’ means black flesh. The body and the blood color are dark due to its high melanin amount in its body.


Kadaknath hen is a country breed bird reared in the composite farming or backyard farming. The birds require nothing else, but a vaccine. This poultry bird chicken is not suggested for people with high blood pressure, hypertension, or cardiac ailments. However, Kadaknath chicken is the best to reduce cholesterol, as it has no fat deposition and is high in protein. It is the reason Indian cricketers were recommended to have this meat. Even high energy burning performers and athletes can eat this meat. Kadaknath Chicken Price In India Approx(700 INR/KG).

Kadaknath chicken, Kadaknath native, ad Silki-native, China, and Indonesia as Aynam-native are the three breeds. The Kadaknath chicken types are:

  • Jet black, where both, the hen and the cock are black in color.
  • Golden Kadaknath is where the cock and hen have its neck and head area n golden feathers.
  • Penciled Kadaknath is where the adult bird’s neck region has white feathers and the body has black feathers.

Health Benefits of Kadaknath Chicken

Low in Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a matter of concern in people as it results in heart problems. The cholesterol is 13% to 25% in white meat and Kadaknath chicken has only 073% t0 1.05%. It is good for health-conscious people coming as a boon even for blood pressure and heart patients. It is one of the healthy choices.

Good Source of Protein

Kadaknath meat has 25% protein. On the other hand, white meat typically has only 18 to 20%. Protein is essential for the overall body development and growth. It promotes energy to perform different activities. The protein high content makes it a good source especially for pregnant women, athletes, and for people wishing to gain ideal weight.

Vitamin B and Vitamin E in high amount

Kadaknath chicken has a variety of Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12 that is great for metabolism boosting and makes it a wonderful choice for all age groups people. It has Vitamin E to benefit skin and hair. Besides, it nourishes blood cells and helps in blood circulation.

Rich in Calcium, Iron, and Phosphorus

Kadaknath chicken has calcium, iron, and Phosphorous in high quantity to fulfill body basic requirements. It offers nearly ten times of iron than the regular chicken. Calcium helps improving bone health, thereby restricting osteoporosis, while iron prevents fatigue, provides hemoglobin. The Phosphorous is also good for metabolism and strong bones. The vital nutrients ensure proper functioning, besides growth and development.

Source of Amino Acids

Kadaknath chicken provides amino acids helping in muscle supplement and muscle formation. It offers eight of eighteen vital amino acids.


Kadaknath chicken is a rare breed, and is not available in bulk quantities. The government is taking steps to increase the Black meat production. Though, this black mea is not appealing to your eyes, its consumption showers health benefits.

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