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15 Incredible Pies from Vancouver-Based Baker Jessica Leigh Clark Bojin

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is a self-taught baker. Her base is in Vancouver and she makes the best Halloween pies. Her pie posts are mouth-watering and offer a fun substitute. It provides true inspiration and her pies are awesome to look at.

Jessica Leigh Clark said she used her oven only for baking polymer clay figures. She love baking pies and believes it is all about creativity, experimentation, and fun. She is sure of the outcome of her baking, and does not mind about the end, as she says she is the winner getting to eat the pie.

Jessica the self-taught baker is on social media offering baking tutorials in a bunch for anyone to check for ideas. Jessica started baking pies around 5 years ago for dietary reasons. It was her culinary journey beginning. She says she has a New Year Resolution to avoid eating sugar substitutes or refined sugar for a year. It was the time she became terribly desperate for dessert form and I did not eat without cheating.

Finally, she made pies theoretically using spices, apples, and unsweetened short crust pastry. At that time, she did not use oven, but was determined to make pies that Jessica bought a box of Crisco. She followed the instructions and made her first pi that turned out to be excellent.

She cut a dragon shape on the pie and her family appreciated her work. She began making on pies her artsy designs. And the rest is history. She took to discover about pie and learnt that pies went out of fashion more than 200 years ago. It was then that Jessica wanted to bring a change and she took to this art form.

In her interview, Jessica said baking each pie takes around two hours to four days. It depends entirely on the complexity. She loves mixing a lot of recipes and ingredients to try new things. The best philosophy of Jessica is that there are no baking secrets. She does not mind talking about it and is happy to draw more people into this pastry world.

Jessica has Halloween pie open collaboration going on and through the October month she allows folks to post their Monster Pie and to win a copy of her pie art book as signed copy from her. She admires all the posts and enjoys the posting as they are spooky and creative.

Visiting her Instagram People can get some baking tips and watching her how-to vides will give your details. She has in depth tutorials, recipes, fun challenges, and tips to take part. She also responds to all questions and messages posted to her about the bakes.

Jessica works on each pie art seriously. It is her way of showing her love for her art, technique, food, flavors and discovers new cultures. She improves herself with each pie and bonds with people. It is a fabulous way of eating desserts and staying healthy, but Jessica finds fun in the pie art.

  • Art: Thanksgiving Pie Fight- Jessica appeared on Food Networks first show as TV judge that was dedicated to Pie.
  • On TODAY show she appeared as ‘Expert Pie Taster’.
  • Jessica wrote the first book in the world dedicating to Pie Art Pies Are Awesome: “The Definitive Pie Art Book” with Foreword by Duff Goldman.
  • Jessica appeared on the CHEW, ABC’s TV series.
  • Produced pie videos for Food Network and is most viewed.
  • In 2016, Jessica ran a campaign successful that funded the first hour and completed at 1600% funded.
  • Featured in Food & Wine, CNN, People Cosmopolitan, and many more.
  • Featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Incredible Pies

Incredible Pies Girl by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Princess Jasmine by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Maleficient by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Santa Girl by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Santa Claus by Jessica Clark

Beautiful Pie Harry by Jessica Clark

Beautiful Pie Hermoine by Jessica Clark

Beautiful Pie Ron Weasley by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Kitty by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Harry Potter by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Kids by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Starwar by Jessica Clark

Incredible Pie Eiffel Tower by Jessica Clark

Spooky Halloween Pie by Jessica Clark

Spooky Halloween Pie by Jessica Clark

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