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Leggy herbivores,10 Giraffe’s wow and Fun facts

Don’t you think our strange looking tall animal Giraffe is more like aliens with strange tongues, super long necks and horns that are not horns officially? Here you can know more wonderful and wow giraffe fact

Giraffe facts:

  • Giraffes are in 4 species, The Masai, Northern, Southern, and Reticulated giraffes. All the Giraffes live in Africa. Yet Northern giraffes say their home is North Africa, the Southern giraffes go around the entire south continent, and the remaining two species are happy in the east.
  • The tallest animals in the solar system standing tall at 4.3 – 5.7 meters. It is the height of three men standing on the shoulders of each other.
  • Patches vary. The patchwork coats of Giraffe vary as per species. The Masai giraffe has darker patch with brown lines between the patches. The Southern and Northern Giraffes patches appear more as paint splodges. The Reticulated giraffe features brown-orange patches separated with thick white lines.
  • Drink less. They are not able to reach the water. Their necks are short to touch the ground. They have to kneel or spread legs to reach the ground water. In this attempt they will become easy target for predators. So, giraffes take water from leafy meals, thus they drink water only once in few days.
  • Excellent lookouts. Giraffe uses its neck to lookout for predators. They are able to spot approaching predators as their eyes are high up. Flat land is good for giraffes to spot, while prowling predators may disguise in thick forests.
  • Head for fighting. Male giraffes use their butt heads to see who is stronger and they do not get hurt on doing so. The male giraffes give up and walk way, to eat as they are known to be greedy guzzlers. Giraffes spend their time guzzling twigs and leaves up to 45 kg. They also snack on grass and fruit. With their long legs and necks they easily reach all the fresh green leaves.
  • Fast and dangerous. They are super fast and super tall that catch up speeds of 60 km/h in short distances. Besides, the kicks of Giraffe are powerful as their hooves are in the dinner plate’s size.
  • Fingers-like tongue. The tongue of a Giraffe is 45-50 cm long, besides it can grip things and twist its tongue. It is useful to pick leaves away from thorns. They have mouth armor. Their mouth is covered in finger-like papillae, and is hard, but is useful to stay safe from sharp thorns. The tongue sticks out only when grazing as their pink tongue may get sunburnt.
  • Huge hearts. Their heart is 11 kilograms and is the biggest heart among land animals. It has to be extra powerful as it has to pump around 60 ltrs of blood for the entire body, up to the long neck.
  • Baby is tough. The baby falls on birth nearly 2 metres on the ground and Giraffes give birth in the standing position. The calf stays for 1 ½ years with its mother. Female Giraffes return to give birth to the place they were born.

Emergence of Giraffe

The first giraffe was bought from Alexandria to Rome by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. as a triumph return after the civil war. After 1500 years, Lorenzo de’ Medici was given a giraffe gift by the Egypt sultan. It caused a lot of sensation as Giraffes were not seen in Italy that it wandered the Florence streets and enjoyed treats offered even from the second-story windows.

Brandon Belt, Giants first baseman is known as ‘Baby Giraffe’, and likewise when a baby giraffe was born at the San Francisco Zoo, it was named Brandon Belt. The best part was when they two met and it was an adorable moment.

June 21, 2014 was the first ever ‘World Giraffe Day.’

More interesting facts include:

  1. Giraffes spend all their lives standing to the extent that they even sleep standing or give birth to their baby standing. The giraffe calf stands up and walks within an hour of birth and in a week’s time it begins to taste vegetation.
  2. Giraffes require only 5 to 30 minutes of sleeping time in 24-hours. They catch up with quick naps lasting for a minute or two at a time. They lie down only if they are sure of another giraffe can stand and watch. Giraffes snort, bellow hiss and produce flute-like sounds, but their pitch is low to hear.
  3. A male giraffe is known as Bull, baby giraffes are known as Calves and females are known as Cows. Giraffes always live in groups known as Towers. They are social animals. Their neck vertebrae are similar to humans, but each vertebra is super-sized up to ten inches long.
  4. Giraffes have two predators only, besides humans, lions and crocodiles. Mostly, they run away taking their speed from predators. If not, they give a strong kick and fight their predators.
  5. Giraffe has a thicker muscle on the ventricle of the heart and it helps generating force to fight the gravity and helps the blood returning to the heart from its feet. In fact, its skin on the legs and the thickly muscled walls act like giant compression socks.
  6. The male giraffes taste the urine of a female giraffe as a fertility test.

Sad facts

Despite the attempt to stand over their calves for female Giraffe during attacks, many calves get killed in this attempt within the first few months. It is also the reason that more than 50% of giraffe calves are lost within the first year.

Giraffe is already extinct in more than seven countries in Africa. The blood pressure faces a sudden change in giraffe as it drinks water, but the jugular veins have elastic walls and one-way large valves that allow veins expansion, thereby preventing blood from reach to the brain as it lowers head.

The numbers of Giraffes are going down in the past 3 decades. There is terrible threat as trees are chopped down. They need our help.


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