5 Tips to Make Your Nail Gel Polish Last Longer and Mistakes to Avoid

Chipping a good manicure perfectly is annoying. Wearing gel nail polish is a true saver as it also saves money. A regular manicure with gel polish is more durable and tends to stretch with each manicure session.

With gel polish, your manicure keeps going from two to three weeks. It is much better contrary to the regular polish that does not last more than five days without chipping. The protection and durability is rough on nails and it makes the nails weaker, thereby prone to splitting. Here are a few things to bear in mind regarding nails health and to enjoy the gel polish for a longer period.

Nail Gel Polish

Tips on making your gel polish last longer

No Hot Water

Heat softens gel polish and it is simple to remove it. Thus, it is best to avoid using hot water, if you want the gel polish to continue for some more days. You can use hot water only if you want to add something fresh by getting the gel residue away from your nails. Of course you need not go for cold showers, instead wear gloves so that there is no direct exposure to steam or heat while doing dishes or some other cleaning.

Extra Top Coat

Giving extra topcoat of polish works as a protection layer, and is the coat wearing away fast. Protecting the polish to hold for a little longer is to add topcoat as extra layer. Add some clear polish for a week after painting your nails. Repeat the process to avoid damage after a couple of days.

Apply Cuticle Oil Daily

Practicing a routine of taking care of your body and skin is good. Also, include cuticles in the daily care routine. Taking care of cuticles averts the painful torn cuticles. Apply every week, 3-4 times cuticle oil and it retains the vitamins and moisture in it, keeping them healthy and nice.

Apply cuticle oil daily Nail Gel Polish
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Keep a Buffer Handy

Your nails can get a snag anytime and wreak havoc. No need to rush with panic to the salon on seeing a snag or little chip of your nails. Allow to buff down and to add topcoat. It helps you enjoy the glossy look. Do not use a nail cutter on painted nails, it will result in further chipping and damage the polish.

A guide to avoid gel polishes mistakes

  • Applying gel polish on your nails back-to-back results in a lot of wear and tear. Your nails get suffocated and it leads to nail dehydration and breakage. It is a must to ensure the nail health between applications.
  • Leaving for too long the gel polish looks tempting, yet it is a must to remove it after two to three week so that the nail cuticles and beds do not damage. Add overextending gel manicures to weak nails as it introduces harmful bacteria.
  • Removing old gel manicure may seem easy to do by yourself. Seeking a professional help is best, and if not gently file the polish top to eliminate the shine. Soak cotton balls in acetone, and apply to each nail and wrap tin foil. Leave the wraps for 10 to 15 minutes. Lightly buff the nail surface and apply oils to cuticles and nails to stay rehydrated.

Enjoy gel polish on your nails looking good, but never stretch longer than two weeks.

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