Skopje Zoo is brimming with joy on the birth of white lion cubs

The rare white lion cubs were born this year on March 7. Mother Bella, came to Skopje, North Macedonia, from Germany, is constantly with them and is taking good care of the lions.

Chaka’s father is from France. The Skopje Zoo employees say it is the most beautiful things that has happened and they want to assure the mother and the little ones are safe. They ensure the indoor habitat is under constant supervision.

There are around 13 white lions residing in South Africa natural habitats. The estimation is that there are less than 300 white lions in captivity.

The white lions are referred to as Southeastern Lions. The Southern African tribes revered them owing to their majestic appearance. These lion quintuplets are very rare for they are the endangered species. Therefore the birth of rare white lion cubs on March & is a great day for the Skopje zoo. The employees are very happy and ensure safety and best care.

White lions were first discovered in 1938by Europeans in South Africa’s Timbavati region. But until the 1970s, they were documented officially. The white lion is a rare color mutation, specifically the Southern African lion.

The Skopje Zoo timings are 9.00Am to 6:00pm.


Skopje White Lion Photo


Skopje Zoo White Lion Cub Image


White Lion Cub Skopje Zoo


Skopje Zoo White Lion Cub


White Lion Cub Skopje Zoo


Skopje Zoo White Lion Cub


White Lion Cub Image


White Lion Cub Photo


Skopje Zoo White Lion Cub PIcture


Skopje Zoo White Lion Cub Photo