wisteria tree ashikaga flower park japan

Watch the Wisteria Tree, a Not-to-Miss Stunning Appearance (10 Pics)

Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan is a wisteria tree known as the most beautiful in the world. It is more than 150 years old, a massive tree in full bloom, appearing stunning. Human intervention helps Ashikaga wisteria tree give a stunning appearance. The blooms and its age in the tree branches support the gridded beams and for a stunning flower umbrella. There is a fairytale feel and ethereal presence that it has a muse for landscape photographers. These are vertical flowers dangling down touching the ground and hover above the grass creating a purple-pink cloud.

Visit the Wisteria tree between mid April to mid May as it is the best time of the year. Ashikaga flower part website has details about the flowers and its bloom.

When to see

The peak blooming periods vary as per the temperature, lucky visitors can catch Japan”s cherry blossoms and wisteria in one trip. Wisteria blooms mid-April to mid-may and with slight variations.

The pale red wisteria blooms around mid to late April, and Kibana Wisteria is in full bloom around early to mid May.

The Ashikaga Flower park in Japan is the only place with a Kibana wisteria tunnel giving the visitors an opportunity to walk underneath. It houses over 350 different wisteria trees blooming in different colors from pinks to purples, light violets, whites, and bright yellows.

This park has wisteria tree that is 150-year old and has over 5000 azalea bushes that are also worth watching at the same time.

The wisteria festival runs from April 13 through May 19, and the admission is from 900 to 1,800 yen (about $8 to $16) for adults and between 500 and 900 yen (about $4 to $8) for children, depending on the day of your visit.

From April 19 to May 12, visitors can go to the park in the evening to see the lit up at night, giving a striking view. Sample wisteria-themed soft serve and goodies at the park.

Another tunnel is the Kawachi Wisteria Garden in kitakyushu. It houses 22 kinds of wisteria blooming and is in the peak from April end to mid-May. To visit the private gardens, you need passes.

Visitors should reserve advance tickets to enter the popular park Prices start at 500 yen (about $4) per person and may include an additional charge as per the flowering conditions.

The park is popular in the fall, when autumn leaves and maple trees create magnificent foliage on its grounds.

Another park, Shirai Omachi Fuji park has wisteria clusters growing to five feet length and is a wonderful scene as it sways with the wind. The temples and shrines in the country debut these displays in the spring. A popular stop to view wisteria is the Kameido Tenjin Shrine in Tokyo for its lavender-color wisteria hanging in bunches from its overlooking pond reflecting a colorful scene.

From mid-April to the end of May, the Mount Fuji foot is adorned with shibazakura around 800,000 blooming in various colors.

Wisteria Tree Ashikaga Flower Park Japan


Ashikaga Flower Park Japan Wisteria Tree


Wisteria Tree Ashikaga Flower Park Japan


Wisteria Tree Photography


Wisteria Tree Photo


Wisteria Tree Ashikaga Flower Park Japan


Wisteria Tree Ashikaga Flower Park Japan


Wisteria Tree Ashikaga Flower Park Japan


Wisteria Tree Ashikaga Flower Park Japan


Wisteria Tree Ashikaga Flower Park Japan


Wisteria Tree Ashikaga Flower Park Japan

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