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20 Picturesque Nature Tunnels Create a Magical Aura

Nature has a beautiful way of making us feel of being in a fairy tale. There are unique passageways featuring tall trees and a bevy of flowers curving inward. The nature tunnels surround your path with glistening green leaves, beautiful blooms and knotty branches. It appears as a fog blanket or shows a rainbow of colors, no matter, what it is, undoubtedly the Earth is a heavenly and magical place.

These spectacular nature tunnels exist. In the Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan, the wisteria tree lines the path in astonishing beautiful colors of magenta, blues, and yellows. There is a tunnel everywhere as you travel across the globe. Sometimes they give an eerie feeling as though you are into some fascinating novel suspenseful part, but otherwise the way they bend over and the branches almost touching the ground create a grand arch welcoming you.

Nature is always amazing and beautiful. It looks stunning as humans include their artwork. Human artistry in combination with natural beauty creates a magical aura. The natural tunnels are found in places with more trees and plants. It complements the roads with man-made tunnels, while some are worth watching and naturally mesmerizing.

A few to say among the amazing tree Nature Tunnel include:

Ukraine ‘Tunnel of Love’ is in kleven. It is a railway section joining a fibreboard factory for a distance of three kilometers. The train passes thrice a day through this tunnel to deliver wood to the factory. The dense forest trees are grown and they appear as a green corridor as the train passes. It is a railway segment and a favorite spot for many couples. It attracts photographers and tourists.

Wisteria tunnel in Kitakyushu, Japan is one of the best. It is constructed beautifully covering from outside with lavender flower trees. The trees branches cover the tunnel roof and walls, while the lavender flowers hang drooping down beautifully from the roof creating a stunning view. There are many more flowers creating a stunning feel.

Japan is known for its natural beauty and stunning gardens. The cherry blossom or Sakura season brings Japan alive with its cascading wisteria flowers. They form the greatest tree tunnels. Kitakyushu becomes a stunning wisteria flowers tunnel suitable for its glamorous wedding ceremony aisles. There is the Kyoto’s Arashiyama Bamboo Grove that is dwarfed with bamboo stalks.

The Cherry trees displaying blooming flowers came into light as photographers from various places started capturing the images. Whether you visit Japan or Bonn, Germany, the spring seasons offer you a beautiful view of the pin flowers overpowering the street. The cherry blossom is every year a great attraction center.

The same beauty of Nature tunnels are seen all over, such as Maple trees in Portland, USA . These trees are planted manually and now they have grown increasing the beauty. The same is with Germany featuring the tree tunnel shaped street at Garz. Here the tree canopies are created like tunnel. In the UK, the Christchurch Priory has a greenish shade the whole year, but for the autumn season as the green color changes into reddish yellow and brown.


Beautiful Nature Tunnel Of Love Ukraine Photo by Mathias Haker


Beautiful Nature Tunnel Of Love Ukraine Photo by Sergey-miroshnik


Beautiful Wisteria Nature Tunnel Kawachi Garden In Japan


Beautiful Wisteria Tunnel Kawachi Garden In Japan


Beautiful Kawachi Fuji Garden Tunnel Japan by Itssaho


Beautiful Arashiyama Bamboo Nature Tunnel Japan by Noppakun Wiropart


Beautiful Arashiyama Bamboo Nature Tunnel Japan by Germanp


Beautiful Garden Nature Tunnel by Doodee Studio


Beautiful Nature Tunnel Cherry Tree Blossom Photo by Hiwa


Beautiful Garden Tunnel Picture by Anthony Melendrez


Beautiful Ginko Alley Nature Tunnel Japan Photo by Sean Pavone


Beautiful Laburnum Nature Tunnel Wales


Beautiful Sakura Tunnel Japan by Sakarin Sawasdinaka


Beautiful Jacarandas Alley Garden Tunnel South Africa by Andre Van Der


Beautiful Yew Tree Nature Tunnel Wales


Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tunnel Germany by Kapil Juvale


Beautiful Garden Nature Tunnel by Roksana Bashyrova




Beautiful Garden Nature Tunnel Ireland by Chris Tait


Cypress Tree Nature Tunnel California by Zeek Yan


Beautiful Garden Nature Tunnel Tokyo by Mrhayata