Top 15 Castle in Spain

Top 15 Castle in Spain offering Treat to the Explorers Eyes

Top 15 Castle in Spain: The Spain castles attract tourist wishing to travel back in time and to witness legends, history, and its magnificence on grand scale. It includes few attractions giving a feel of era gone by and visiting these Spanish castles offers a fresh perspective.

Top 15 Castle in Spain

The Spanish castle looks spectacular or magnificent, while it leaves you spellbound. Some of the best ones will definitely give any history buff a treat.

1. Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is an hour from the French border, a town on Costa Brava. It is a touristy place that has this fortified tower overlooking the crystal blue sea and the beach. Climbing the castle stairs allows you to travel back 50 years in time. It is a sleepy town, but offers a soothing touristy vacation. Tourists can enjoy beach time or indulge in delicious food in small eateries and cafes.

Tossa De Mar Castle in Spain
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2. Olite

The Olite village is the location of this gorgeous castle offering a treat to senses. You can experience its aura truly at night as it looks magical. This lush castle overlooks vineyards and its wine is tasty working as the right motivation to stay. Enjoy meal, taste the wine, and live to the fullest of your life. Check More:

Olite Castle In Spain
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3. Alcázar of Segovia

It is the best Spain castles overlooking the Segovia countryside and presents a rich history. It hosts many royals and is an inspiration for the logo of Disney films. One can enjoy mesmerizing views and also enjoy local Segovia delicious wine. Check More: Alcázar of Segovia

Alcazar of Segovia Castle in Spain
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Fun Fact: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel met here for the first time and King Philip, the 2 nd
married Anne of Austria.

4. Cardona Castle

The Cardona Castle is the finest medieval castles and offers great views. The castle construction was in the 15 the century that all the development took place under the Cardona Dukes. It is located on the hill top and is the not-to-miss fascinating castles in Spain.

Cardona Castle in Spain
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5. Jarandilla

The Jarandilla is the well-preserved and finest medieval castles in Spain. It offers an experience that people visiting it cannot forget. There is the vintage experience for the dinner in the courtyard and even on visiting the local cafes for wine and food. Check More:

Jarandilla Castle in Spain
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6. Castillo de Peñafiel

Castillo de Peñafiel is in the Ribera del Duero wine country it houses a wine museum. The castle is in the shape of a battleship and is on a hill offering countryside and spectacular village views. Check More: here

Castillo de Peñafiel in Spain
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7. La Alhambra Castle

La Alhambra castle presents in Spain an architectural marvel from inside to outside influencing video games, art, film, and many literatures. It is built in authentic Islamic castle style in the 13th century and has trees enveloping the castle.

La Alhambra Palace in Spain
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8. Castillo de Colomares (Colomares Castle)

The Castillo de Colomares is the famous castles and is built in the memory of the person discovered America. It is well known for its interiors and exteriors. The inside church holds Guiness World Record for being the smallest church. The castle, design wise is built in Byzantine, Gothic, Mudejar, and Romanesque Spanish styles. Check More Here

Castillo De Colomares in Spain
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9. Alarcon

Alarcon castle is the most famous and oldest Spanish castle dating back to 8th century. It is now a Parador hotel featuring few rooms. The castle is fantastic and has the vibe and ambience present. You can see the hanging houses and visit the wine state in the Don Quixote land. Check More: Alarcon Castle

Alarcon Castle in Sapin
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10. Mota

Mota castle has an eerie charm and is the place that is truly lived. However, over the years, this castle is in several roles ranging from a royal residence to a prison and now has a special place for events and art exhibitions. Check More: Mota

Mota Castle In Spain
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11. Castillo de Loarre (Loarre Castle)

Loarre Castle is in northeastern Spain. It is perched on a hill and is distinctive with cylindrical towers leading up the hill. The defensive posts remains along the outer partially ruined wall. Designed as a royal residence and military fortification, this castle is well-protected by the limestone bedrock. It is one of the castles not having in its architecture the Moorish influences. Check More: Loarre Castle

Castillo De Loarre in Spain
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12. Castel de Bellver (Bellver Castle)

Bellver Castle is on the hill in Mallorca to the west of the port. It was built in the 14th century as a fortification and residence to safeguard the crown until 16 th century. It is a Palma symbol today. It is a massive castle with a unique design, the inner courtyard is expansive and ahs two arcaded patios stories. The central courtyard is now a cultural events center and a concert venue.

Castel de Bellver in Spain
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13. Alcazaba de Málaga (Citadel of Málaga)

Roman amphitheater and the Alcazaba de Málaga overlooks the Mediterranean Sea on the Citadel of Malaga, the Sapin’s southern coast and its surroundings having Arabic, Roman, and Renaissance sites. It is at the citadel on Gibralfaro Hill base and this was built in the 8 th century.

Alcazaba de Malaga In Spain
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14. Castle of Almansa

Almansa Castle is the best castles in Spain to see. It has many impressive castles and is also best-preserved. The castle overlooks a hill and features a central keep and crenellated walls. It features two enclosures such that it is connected by a spiral staircase to two levels and is directly carved into the rock. Check More: Castle of Almansa

Castle of Almansa In Spain
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15. Castle of San Servando

Castillo San Servando is the famous Knights Templar castles in Spain. It is a 7th century castle and it was a Visgothic monastery originally that is now turned into a castle. The Kinghts Templar turned into a fortress the monastery. The castle in 1974 became a national monument and now it is a private youth hostel open for guests to stay. Guests can go on a castle tour and know about a knight, Don Nuno Alcear, who died following a vision depicting many victims.

Castle of San Servando