Tulip Flower Garden

Not-to-Miss Tulip Garden Keukenhof, the largest flower park

Visiting Holland, then do not miss Tulip Garden Keukenhof. The gorgeous views include Dutch blooming tulips and many more flowers. Keukenhof is not far from Amsterdam and has the largest flower park.

Holland Tulips are famous all over the world. Visiting in April and May gives you the right opportunity to see the Tulips in bloom. It is the same time that Keukenhof, the biggest flower park, opens its doors.

Keukenhof is a park having over 7 million flower bulbs planted yearly. It has four pavilions and Gardens showing fantastic collection of hyacinths, tulips, orchids, daffodils, carnations, roses, lilies, irises, and lot more. It will be overwhelming with perfumes and color spectacle.

Tulips Everywhere

Keukenhof flowers appear floating on a sea. It is across various pavilions and gardens and the tulips in association with other flowers appear in millions. The beauty of Keukenhof is that they maintain a different theme every year. The park attracts every year over million visitors. The tulips bloom from mid-March to mid-May.

During summers, the Keukenhof castle garden dots with more than 150 different types of dahlias. By August end lot of activities begins and until mid-October, there is an overwhelming color display of the dahlias in the park.
Keukenhof Tulip Gardens will stay open from March 24 to 15 May 2022. It will offer an unforgettable and unique experience.

The flower park covers 32 hectares and organizes spectacular flower shows, unique artworks, inspirational gardens, and wonderful events. The 2022 theme is Flower Classics. The flowers are a part of life reflects with these events. It is used in art, design, and architecture as classical symbols such as the tulips for new spring and the rose depicts love. Keukenhof brings classics together, while the decorated radiant centre is with tulip.

Beauty of walking between tulips

Keukenhof has hiking trails of nearly 15km and it offers spectacular view of the gardens. As you walk you get to see changing flower shows weekly, various pavilions and beautiful ponds featuring various terrace and restaurants. It is an opportunity to take the photos of flowers and selfie. The flower park is the largest statue garden in Netherlands.

Keukenhof is a great place to have big party for kids. It can include the treasure hunt, maze or petting farm, and the playground. Little kids will find a Miffy playground to enjoy. The flower park is ensures a great day for the whole family.

Best times to visit Keukenhof

  • There are three periods that are the best times to visit Keukenhof.
  • First, from the park opening when there are blooming flowers in lots. It includes great indoor flow show and blooming tulips. Outdoors blooming are the crocuses and daffodils.
  • Second, you get to see early tulips blooming in the gardens outdoor and hyacinths. The flower shows indoor remains stunning in great colors.
  • Third, the tulips cove the outdoor gardens. The indoor flowers dot with amazing flowers
    and the trees appear green everywhere.

Flower blooming relies on the weather. Stay updated about flowers blooming knowing the
Keukenhof opening hours from 24 March to 15 May, 2022:

  • Monday to Sunday 08:00 – 19:30

Keukenhof Gardens 2022 tickets are available on online only. There is no ticket sale at the flower park entrance. Ticket booking should be done selecting the time slot and the day to enter the park.

  • Kids 0-3 years free
  • Kids 4-17 years € 9.00 Book now
  • Adults from 18 years€ 19.00 Book now
  • Parking ticket € 6.00 Book now

Tulip Garden Keukenhof

Beautiful Tulip Flower Garden Keukenhof

Tulip Flower Photography by Giu Vicente

Tulip Garden Keukenhof Image

Beautiful Tulip Flower Picture

Beautiful Tulip Flower Image

Beautiful tulip flower Garden

Beautiful Tulip Flower Picture

Beautiful Tulip Flower Picture

Beautiful Tulip Flower Image

Beautiful Tulip Flower Picture

Beautiful Tulip Flower Picture

Keukenhof Tulip Flower Garden

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