Funny Yoko Dogs

15 Hilarious moments of togetherness with Yoko and his Funny dogs

Having a good time on any occasion with friends is a happy moment. You can get a photo and it is a memorable time one has enjoyed. The shot should look good. Later when you see the photos on your phone, you will notice that one of your friends has ruined the group photos. Though you may laugh it off, you will not miss to make a note.

The fact is that this truth is not only with humans, but also with your dogs. When you have a pup it is not easy to take the photograph of your pet. One such instance is of the owner of dogs Yoko; his dogs are Sasha, Kikko, Hina, and Momo. He loves taking his pets pictures as a single group, and among this team the spoilsport is Hina. However, Mark Rogers, a photographer says the dogs should get used to the camera flash and the click sound. Only then they will start feeling
the comfort.

According to the photographer you must allow dog time by allowing it to sniff your camera and to shoot the surroundings. Begin taking your dog pictures if it gets comfortable with the camera. Keep things relaxed and natural. The more you take shots; you will better capture the pictures. Do not get treats in tons for your pets. You can put off the flash and get pictures in natural warm sunlight. Go on your knee, lie on your belly, crouch or sit so that you are eye-to-eye with your

Of course all your efforts go tipsy when dogs such as Hina fail to cooperate. Go through group photos of the dogs.

#1 Funny Dogs Photo

Funny Dogs Photo


Funny Dogs Photo

#3 Yoko Dog Name Sasha, Kikko, Hina, and Momo.

Funny Dog Pictures


Funny Dog Expression


Funny Dog Expression


Funny Yoko Dogs


Cuteness Dog Pictures


Cuteness Dog Images



Funny Dog Expression


Funny Yoko Dogs





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